I believe when you determine exactly what you want, why you want it, and your actions map to that belief, you can create anything you want in your life.

The coaching process is not always easy, but it works. My coaching relies on creating processes and habits to help you achieve your goals. There is nothing magical or unexpected about the results my clients achieve. They’re acquired through focus, determination and most importantly taking action.

Frequently asked questions.

What is productivity coaching?

My productivity coaching is designed to help you find clarity, design a plan, and achieve your goals. Learn more here.

What do we discuss during the complimentary 15-minute coaching session?

We discuss your goals and why you are interested in coaching. Although it sounds intimidating, most people really enjoy the free session.

Can I try coaching for free?

Yes, you can try digital coaching free for one-week.

Use promo code: MATTEASTWEEK for your free week on Coach.me

Occasionally, I am not accepting new clients, if that is the case, you can use the promo code MATTEASTWEEK to receive a free week of coaching from any coach on coach.me app.

Who is productivity coaching not for?

My coaching is not designed to fix behavioral problems. Blamers, victims, and individuals with iron-clad belief systems will struggle to find my coaching effective.

Is your coaching confidential?

Yes, all coaching, including the initial free 15-minute coaching session is 100% confidential.

Is the free 15-minute coaching session required?

No. However, I strongly encourage it because it’s a great opportunity to ensure we have good chemistry, The right coaching match is absolutely key to the success of a coaching experience. Without good chemistry, the trust required for optimal performance may not develop.

What’s the minimum time I should plan to work with you as a coach?

Although, you will begin to see results immediately. I would suggest not to begin coaching if you can not commit 90 days to the coaching experience.

Do you have experience coaching people like me?

Everyone I coach is very unique. I’ve likely coached clients with a similar background, vocation and experiences as yours but every person is unique and responds differently to coaching.

Do you have a coaching methodology?

Yes. If you would like to learn more about my coaching methodology and how we would apply it to your coaching experience, please schedule a free 15-minute coaching session.