My productivity coaching is designed to help you find clarity, design a plan, and achieve your goals.

What would your life be like if you felt like you had an abundance of time each day?

What if you replaced feeling confusion about what to focus on with clarity?

What if you felt a sense of purpose every day?

Productivity coaching is a form of one-on-one coaching designed to help you:

  • End procrastination and perfectionism

  • Clarify where you should focus your time and energy each day

  • Embrace leisure time

  • Organize your thoughts and ideas

  • Replace feelings of confusion with clarity

  • Ensure you feel in control of your time

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed

  • Clarify your short and long term goals

  • Adopt the habits of your best self

  • Track progress towards your goals

  • Find more time to do the things you want to do

  • Shift your mind from feeling time scarcity to time abundant

  • Take more action

Who is Productivity Coaching for?

You’re a good match for my Productivity Coaching if you can see yourself in most of the items below.

  • You have a desire to learn and grow.

  • You’re ambitious and seek ways to improve.

  • You see the value in having someone supporting your effort and excited for your success.

  • You’re willing to share feedback about your successes and struggles.

  • You feel like you should be making more progress than you do each day.

  • You’re open minded and enjoy learning new ways to do things.

  • You want to make progress on projects that are important to you.

  • You want to cultivate the habits that lead to the success you envision for yourself.

  • You enjoy positive and supportive relationships.

  • You need more positive energy in your life.

  • You seek or have already found a sense of purpose in your life.

  • You want to be happy and enjoy your life.

  • You want to feel less guilt during your leisure time.

  • You appreciate both planning and spontaneity.

  • You’re excited to invite new results into your life.

  • You feel like having someone in your corner would be helpful.

How long does it take to see results and how long does coaching last?

You should start to see results immediately. The typical coaching engagement lasts 90 days, however many clients decide to continue working together much longer.

Who uses Productivity Coaching?

I have experience working with clients who are:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • CEOs

  • Marketing Managers

  • Sales Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Artists (painters)

  • Realtors

  • Professors and Teachers

  • Logistics Professionals

  • Attorneys

  • Business Development Reps

  • Yoga and Meditation Instructors

  • Musicians

  • Private Equity and Venture Fund Investors

  • Consultants

  • Engineers and Programmers

  • Authors

  • Executive Assistants

Most clients fit many of these categories. They are people who:

  • want help taking more action

  • are looking for accountability and support towards their goal

  • are trying to develop new habits

  • are looking for inspiration and motivation to reach their potential

  • are purpose-driven and want to make a big dent in the universe with their contribution

  • are growth-oriented, ambitious and want to achieve even bigger goals

  • People who want to feel more present during their leisure time

  • People who are looking to grow their business or increase their income

  • want someone outside of family, friends and colleagues to collaborate with

Where are your clients from?

My clients are from all over the world including the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Georgia, Germany, and France. I communicate daily with my clients using a digital app. I also collaborate with my clients on phone calls (US based) and Skype (non US based).

I do not offer face-to-face coaching.

What do you receive with Productivity Coaching?

All clients receive:

  • A 30-Minute Strategic Planning Session Phone Call led by Matt (there is nothing to prepare for on your end)

  • Unlimited daily messaging through a digital coaching platform

  • 100% Personalized advice, encouragement and guidance

  • Coaching packages with weekly or bi-weekly Coaching sessions are also available

How do I sign up as a client?

Use promo code: MATTEASTWEEK to start your free week on

Or schedule a complimentary 15-minute coaching session with me.

What do we discuss during the complimentary 15-minute coaching session?

We discuss your goals and why you are interested in coaching. Although it sounds intimidating, most people really enjoy the free session.

Can I try coaching for free?

Yes, you can try digital coaching for free for one-week.

Use promo code: MATTEASTWEEK for your free week on

Occasionally, I am not accepting new clients, if that is the case, you can use the promo code MATTEASTWEEK to receive a free week of coaching from any coach on app.

Where do I enter the promo code for a free week?

promo code for coachme (1).png

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is productivity coaching not for?

My coaching is not designed to fix behavioral problems. Blamers, victims, and individuals with iron-clad belief systems will struggle to find my coaching effective.

Is your coaching confidential?

Yes, all coaching, including the initial free 15-minute coaching session is 100% confidential.

Is the free 15-minute coaching session required?

No. However, I strongly encourage it because it’s a great opportunity to ensure we have good chemistry, The right coaching match is absolutely key to the success of a coaching experience. Without good chemistry, the trust required for optimal performance may not develop.

What’s the minimum time I should plan to work with you as a coach?

Although, you will begin to see results immediately. I would suggest not to begin coaching if you can not commit 90 days to the coaching experience.

Do you have experience coaching people like me?

Everyone I coach is very unique. I’ve likely coached clients with a similar background, vocation and experiences as yours but every person is unique and responds differently to coaching. Schedule a 15-minute complimentary call with me or give the free 7 days of digital coaching a try and let’s dig in.


“Matt crushed it for me, not only did he help me sustain lasting progress but he allowed me to feel like I was back in control.”

-Christopher (View this testimonial on


“Matt is the best! When I was super overwhelmed and didn't know where to start I reached out to Matt and within 2 days I was on a better track. I didn't have great self-discipline and only got things done when a deadline was pending. Unfortunately, many of the really important things I need to do don't have a deadline and thus never got done. Matt is teaching me how to manage my time to actually DO the things I want to do, even when there isn't a set deadline. This is giving me more freedom to enjoy my work and is releasing guilt and anxiety because I know I have a plan to get done what I need to do. I have only been working with Matt for a short period of time and yet I can see huge benefits across all areas of my life. Thanks Matt!

-Desirée (View this testimonial on


“Matt is INCREDIBLE, I have been working overtime like crazy and going to school full time online. Matt helped me get focused on my priorities and got me through some of the most hectic months I've ever had! He is inspiring and compassionate and works with you to be your most productive self. So excited to continue working on my goals with him!”

-Ashley (View this testimonial on


“Matt is an incredible communicator and motivator. I enjoyed results and a shift in my mindset from the first call, and feel like I’ve known Matt for years. A true testament to his skill and willingness to help - couldn’t recommend Matt more!”

-Eli (View this testimonial on


“Matt helped me set priorities for the day and, of course, accomplish them. I went into the process skeptical, but have been amazed at the results. The accountability helps dramatically and I have been vastly more productive and successful across several areas of life. Not only is Matt encouraging, but he assisted me in identifying and overcoming the barriers to achieving my "priority" tasks. Good luck to everyone on the journey toward self-improvement. I know Matt can help you, too!”

-Rachel (view this testimonial on


“Matt's coaching has provided great clarity and begot higher levels of efficiency in the work that I'm doing. He's opened up my eyes to many things that are holding me back and is encouraging me every step of the way. His insights are spot on. Definitely gives a lot of thought to check-ins. Would definitely recommend to others who want to get the most out of life. ”

-Robert (view this testimonial on


A recent note I received after a recent complimentary 15-minute session:

I can't thank you enough for your generosity with your time and insight yesterday. Obviously it was all I could think/talk about until I fell asleep last night, and it's already having a profound impact on the way I'm thinking and looking at things. To have the kind of conversation we were able to have, and to be essentially strangers was the kind of moment I really love. You managed to help me see a lot of my life in a new light, and that is an absolute compliment to you, your curiosity and feel for listening, and probing. 

Thanks again Matt!