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Hi I’m Matt East, a Productivity Coach and Consultant.

I love helping and working with great people. Today, I do that through productivity coaching, and hosting The Goal Achievement Podcast the Better Humans Podcast.

My productivity coaching is designed to help you find clarity, design a plan, and achieve your goals.

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The Goal Achievement Podcast is all about helping you find clarity, design a plan, and most importantly achieve your goals.

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The Better Humans Podcast provides advice and insight that actually works from the authors of Better Humans.

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Designed to help you you find clarity, design a plan, and achieve your goals.

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“Matt crushed it for me, not only did he help me sustain lasting progress but he allowed me to feel like I was back in control.” -Christopher (View this testimonial on

“Matt is the best! When I was super overwhelmed and didn't know where to start I reached out to Matt and within 2 days I was on a better track. I didn't have great self-discipline and only got things done when a deadline was pending. Unfortunately, many of the really important things I need to do don't have a deadline and thus never got done. Matt is teaching me how to manage my time to actually DO the things I want to do, even when there isn't a set deadline. This is giving me more freedom to enjoy my work and is releasing guilt and anxiety because I know I have a plan to get done what I need to do. I have only been working with Matt for a short period of time and yet I can see huge benefits across all areas of my life. Thanks Matt! -Desirée (View this testimonial on

“Matt is INCREDIBLE, I have been working overtime like crazy and going to school full time online. Matt helped me get focused on my priorities and got me through some of the most hectic months I've ever had! He is inspiring and compassionate and works with you to be your most productive self. So excited to continue working on my goals with him!”- Ashley (View this testimonial on

“Matt is an incredible communicator and motivator. I enjoyed results and a shift in my mindset from the first call, and feel like I’ve known Matt for years. A true testament to his skill and willingness to help - couldn’t recommend Matt more!” -Eli (View this testimonial on

“Matt helped me set priorities for the day and, of course, accomplish them. I went into the process skeptical, but have been amazed at the results. The accountability helps dramatically and I have been vastly more productive and successful across several areas of life. Not only is Matt encouraging, but he assisted me in identifying and overcoming the barriers to achieving my "priority" tasks. Good luck to everyone on the journey toward self-improvement. I know Matt can help you, too!” -Rachel (view this testimonial on

“Matt's coaching has provided great clarity and begot higher levels of efficiency in the work that I'm doing. He's opened up my eyes to many things that are holding me back and is encouraging me every step of the way. His insights are spot on. Definitely gives a lot of thought to check-ins. Would definitely recommend to others who want to get the most out of life. ” -Robert (view this testimonial on


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