Matt Sandrini on Productivity, Achieving Goals, and Traveling for 6 Months at a Time

The Goal Achievement Podcast, hosted by Matt East, is all about helping you find clarity, design a plan, and most importantly achieve your goals.

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During today’s episode:

  • Matt interviews Matt Sandrini. Matt is a high-performance and business coach, helping 7-9 figure entrepreneur take control of their day and focus on what brings real results, to reach the next level in life and business. Matt's journey started when working as a business consultant for an international firm, and started to question the value of his own time and actions. After launching his first business, he started sharing his principles online, reaching million of views online. Matt lives in London, and travels and works remotely for 3 months of the year, while growing his business and helping top performers take control of the only resource that is scarce—time. 


Matt’s Sandrini’s website

Chapter 3 (How to Free Up TIme) of Matt’s book

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