The resume and LinkedIn profile services I offer are purposefully designed to:

  1. Quantify your major accomplishments and past contributions

  2. Stand out from the crowd

  3. Differentiate your skills

  4. Highlight your unique expertise

  5. Grab the attention of hiring managers

  6. Effectively communicate your strengths

  7. Establish your personal brand

  8. Highlight the positive financial impact you create for an organization

A note from Matt:

Are you a Director, VP or Executive looking to make an even larger impact with your career?

Are you looking for greater compensation?

Are you ready to pursue a promotion?

Do you want to create greater leverage with your personal brand?

If so, I’ve been where you are now. Regardless of how successful you’ve been professionally it can feel overwhelming when it comes time to highlight your past experiences and effectively communicate your strengths.

Quantifying your past accomplishments and contributions, but also highlighting your future potential can be a challenge.

Having a great resume and LinkedIn profile can be life-changing in so many positive ways. It can mean greater financial rewards for you and your family but it can also mean finding meaningful work. I believe together we can create a resume that stands out from the crowd and delivers the results you’re looking for. I’ve created a collaborative process to create the perfect resume for you and I’d love the opportunity work with you.


Matt East

Testimonials and Recommendations

“Matt is a rockstar! Matt's energy and ambition is contagious. If you have an opportunity to collaborate with Matt - take it! -Kirsten Rogers (view this recommendation on LinkedIn)

“Matt is amazing!” -Tisa Smith (view this recommendation on LinkedIn)

“I worked with Matt for a few months, and his approach to building relationships with clients and potential clients was impeccable.” -Joe Reece (view this recommendation on LinkedIn)

“Matt delivers results no matter what responsibilities or projects are thrown his way. Co-workers and others love to be around Matt because of his magnetizing personality. His willingness to help others be successful is one of his greatest characteristics and makes our entire team stronger. I have never met anyone who is better at understanding exactly how he can have a positive impact on a customer or a colleague. If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with Matt you’re missing out!” -Matt Duncan (view this recommendation on LinkedIn)

“Matt is a very dedicated and enthusiastic. His drive to make clients happy is unmatched by anyone I have met.” -Donald Miner (view this recommendation on LinkedIn)

Modern Resume Design Services

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This is a an excellent choice for ensuring your resume is ATS optimized.

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Process for working with Matt

  1. Schedule a 15-minute complimentary introduction call.

  2. If you want to move forward with Matt, you will next schedule a 1-hour call to do a collaborative deep dive into your background, past work experiences, and we’ll work on positioning for your next opportunity.

  3. During the next 48-hours Matt will work on your resume.

  4. Matt will send you a draft to get your feedback on the first draft.

  5. Matt will make any revisions based on your feedback.

  6. Matt will send you a revised version.

  7. Once you are 100% satisfied, Matt will send you an invoice, you do not pay anything until after you approve the final version.

  8. Matt sends you a final version as a PDF and Microsoft Word document.

Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, and Coaching Services

Resume & Cover Letter (FREE BONUS includes a LinkedIn Profile review)

Cost: $449 (you do not pay anything until after you approve the your new resume and cover letter)

Matt will create a new resume and cover letter from scratch for you. This package also includes a LinkedIn Profile review during the your consultation.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Offer Includes:

  • Microsoft Word and PDF Version of your resume completed by Matt

  • Microsoft Word and PDF Version of your Cover Letter completed by Matt

  • LinkedIn Profile Review with suggestions

Schedule time with Matt

This is a risk free offer. You DO NOT PAY ANYTHING until after you receive and approve your perfect resume and cover letter. Matt is obsessed with ensuring you are 100% satisfied with his services.