5 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Coach

It’s common to hire a life coach for a variety of reasons, typically someone needs to lean on a coach when trying to transform their life in some aspect. Often, people are looking to either improve their career or business in some way or are looking for clarity and focus on their personal life. But once you make the decision to hire a coach, what’s the best approach for finding the perfect coach?

Here are my 5 tips to help you find the perfect coach.

TIP #1: Evaluate what you’re looking to achieve and pick a coach depending on your specific needs.

Although the term is ‘life coach’ there is no coach that will be an expert in all life matters. I frequently refer potential clients to other coaches who would be a better fit for a specific client.

Some life coaches are good for achieving health and fitness goals while others are useful in developing career and business advice. Decide what you want to achieve, and then look for a coach with the skill set and knowledge to help you get there.

Most coaches offer a complimentary first coaching session, definitely take advantage of this free session. It’s your opportunity to get some free insight from a coach, but more importantly, it allows you to make sure you and your coach have a good vibe. You don’t want to work with someone you’re not comfortable with and this is your test run. The complimentary coaching session is also a great indicator of the future success you may or may not have with that coach. Use your initial meeting to ensure you feel comfortable working with the coach and confident they can help you.

TIP #2: Determine how much time the life coach is willing to spend with you.

Top coaches are very busy, especially those whose effectiveness is spread by word of mouth. For meaningful results, a coach must be willing to allocate enough time to understand your goals and help you chart a path for achieving those goals. If the workload of the life coach is too heavy, you could end up going through meaningless motions.

Make sure expectations about how frequently you will meet with your coach are clear and set prior to a relationship.

Tip #3: Ensure you’re comfortable with the coach’s style and methodologies.

Is the coach offering a structured approach or a customized approach? Some coaches prefer working exclusively with methods which have been successful in the past; others are always implementing new ideas and strategies. You have unique needs and goals, discuss those with your prospective coach and make sure they mesh well with your potential coach.

TIP #4: Ask for a reference before committing to a coach.

A good coach should be willing to share details about the successful results they have achieved with other clients. And be willing to provide a client reference who is willing to discuss their experience and level of success with the coach. Don’t be shy, definitely ask for a reference before committing to a coach.

TIP #5 Make sure the coach lives a successful life.

It would make little sense to go to a life coach who has no successes of their own. Or someone who isn’t a happy person in their own life. Pick someone who has enough experience to guide and motivate you along your journey and who is in a position to use their past experiences as reference points you can leverage.

Final Takeaway

A life coach can definitely help you find clarity and achieve your goals, but don’t rush the process when searching for the perfect coach. Take your time and be intentional during the process.

About the author: Matt East is a life coach that cringes every time he hears the words “life coach”. Schedule a time to meet with him for 30 minutes here (yup, it’s free and not as scary as it sounds).

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