Can Two People Have The Same Goals?

I had two initial coaching sessions yesterday, both with women.

One works at Burger King in a job paying a few bucks over minimum wage. The other is an attorney earning about 35k a month.

Both are incredible people. Interesting thing.

They have the exact same ambitions for 2018, each wants to:

  • Feel healthier
  • Exercise more
  • Grow professionally
  • Be more present and positive
  • Find love.

Reiterates to me, we're all human and we all desire the same basic things regardless of our circumstances. Everyone you meet wants to feel good mentally and physically, be productive in their work, and be loved by others.

Good thing to keep in mind while collaborating and managing others. People want to be good at their jobs and growing professionally and personally. That's something I've sometimes forgotten when deadlines, revenue targets and difficult situations arise.

Matt EattGoals, Setting Goals